Peace builder of the Week: Sebastian Gabella!

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This week’s peacebuilder is Sebastian Gabella! I interviewed Sebastian and asked him some questions. First I asked him, “What did you get your peacebuilder preferral for and who did you get it from?” Sebastian answered, “I got it for being a good junior docent to the 4th graders and I got it from Mrs.Webster”. Sebastian is very happy to get his peacebuilder preferral as well as his peers who also were junior docents at the Museum. Then I asked Sebastian some fun questions about himself. Sebastian’s favorite color is turquoise, his favorite animal is a dog, and Sebastian plays soccer out of school. Everyone should be a good leader like Sebastian and his peers were with all the 4th graders they provided information to while being a junior docent, not only from our school but other schools as well! Thank you, Sebastian, for being a Peacebuilder!

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