How do 7th Graders feel about 8th Grade?

As a 7th grader I know I have my opinions on 8th grade, but I wanted to know what my other 7th grade peers thought as well, so I interviewed my friends Jessica Frias, Nicole Smith, and Leo Sugiyama. First I asked them each “Are you excited for 8th grade?” Nicole said, “Yes, it seems fun but a little stressful because of all the high school entrance exams.” Then Jessica said, “Yes I am excited. I am also sad that it is my last year and I am leaving and have to say goodbye to all my friends and teachers who have been with me for 9 years. I am also scared for high school.” Next, Leo said, “I am pretty excited, I think it’s the high school part and leaving my friends I’m most scared about.” Then I asked, “What are you most excited for next year?” Nicole said “Being the oldest in the school.” Jessie said, “To go to High School!” Then Leo said, “I am most excited for DC trip because I get to be with my friends and spend close time with them before we go off to high school.” The last question I asked was, “What are you least excited for next year?” They all had the same answer, they are all least excited to leave their friends. I know we all will have a great year next year with wonderful teachers even though it will definitely be very sad and I will miss everyone.

Leo (left), Nicole (middle), Jessica (right)