Opinion on New Coca Cola Can Design And Formula

Opinion On Coca-Cola Can Design and Formula

Coca Cola has brought back an old coca cola can design as well as the old formula from 1985 in honor of the television series, Stranger Things. In 1985, Coca Cola changed their formula for the drink. The public didn’t like this at all and demanded to have the original formula of Coca Cola back. 75 days later, Coca Cola brought the original formula back and it is still the same drink today. The 1985 formula has never been tasted since, but this year they brought it back. For a limited time Coke is bringing back their old formula but you can still get normal coke anywhere. In honor of stranger things, Coca Cola has brought back the old formula and design and on May 23rd, the drink was available online. They released a limited number of 12-ounce cans. There will also be a “New Coke” vending machine moving through select cities such as New York. All these cans have the original 1985 formula that was rejected by so many people. I think what the Coca Cola company did was pretty cool. Even though the formula was rejected by the public in 1985, it still is a crucial part of the Coca Cola history. I am very happy that Coca Cola partnered with Stranger Things and I would like to try this formula of Coke myself. I think that Coca Cola bringing back the formula in honor of Stranger Things is a very good thing for their company as well as the Stranger Things franchise.