5th Graders Thoughts about Junior High & Kindergartners thoughts on 1st grade

The kindergarteners had their first year at St. Philip so I interviewed some of them about their experience. I interviewed Grady and Jacqueline in KB. I asked them if they like St. Philip so far and they both said yes! I then asked about their overall experience in kindergarten and if they learned a lot. Grady said he kinda learned a lot and he really liked learning about art. Jacqueline said she loved learning in church. Both students were very excited for 1st grade.

The 5th graders are going into Junior High and that is a very big change. I interviewed some of them to ask how they were feeling about it. I interviewed John and Claire. I asked them if they were nervous or excited for junior high. John said he was excited because he wants a new experience. Claire said she was both excited and nervous because she didn’t know how junior high will be. The second question I asked was how they feel about the amount of work there might be in junior high. Claire said that it will be hard in the beginning but she thinks it will get easier later on. John said that his friends said the start of junior high is the hardest. The last question I asked was how they were feeling about switching classes each hour. John answered that he did not care and it’ll be fine. Claire said she really didn’t have anything against switching so she didn’t mind. Good luck to both the 5th graders and kindergartners next year! Happy summer Falcons!