Wishing Upon A Star

Wishing Upon a Star

            Emma had never been to Disneyland in her life. She was 12 years old and she thought it was inconceivable that her parents would not let her go. It was because her parents don’t want to spend their money on such foolishness. Although she had never been to the Disney parks, she bought all the Disney merchandise. She was obsessed. She absolutely loved Disney. She loved their movies, their characters, and absolutely anything. She wished and wished to go to Disneyland and one night she even wished upon a star just because she learned that whenever characters wish upon ars, their dreams come true. She wished she could go to Disneyland on a star and all of a sudden, something moved behind her, it was her Mickey Mouse stuffed animal.

          The Mickey Mouse stuffed animal said,“Hi, I’m Mickey…let me get this right, you want to go to my homeland…. Disneyland?!” “Yes,” Emma said. “You haven’t ever been before?”, the Mickey said. “Nope”, Emma said. “If I grant this wish, could you do something for me?”, the Mickey said. “Yes”, said Emma. “Well, could you get a Minnie mouse stuffed animal for me?”. Emma was surprised. “Sure!” said Emma. “Okay, then I will grant your wish. “ Then the Mickey Mouse went silent.  Emma quickly bought a Minnie Mouse stuffed animal and one-day shipping. All of a sudden, she got a call from Disney. She picked up the phone.

         “Hello”, the phone said. “Disney is calling to inform you that you have won free season passes to Disneyland!” Oh!, Emma said. “Thank you so much! I’m so excited!” Emma went straight to her parents and told her what had just happened. They were overjoyed for they had really wanted to go as well but just didn’t have enough money. Emma thanked the Mickey Mouse stuffed animal and the Minnie Mouse stuffed animal arrived the next day. They now sat side by side on Emma’s desk. The next weekend, Emma visited Disneyland with her family. She rode all the rides and had a blast with her family. She tried Dole Whip for the first time and loved it and stayed until dark for the fireworks. She really enjoyed her time at Disneyland and vowed she would be back very soon. And for the rest of her life, the Mickey and Minnie stuffed animals would watch her as she went on many more Disney adventures.