The Ottoline Book Series


 Ottoline is a fantasy book series by Chris Riddell. It explores the adventures of a young girl and her pet, from Norway, Mr. Munroe. He is a small, usually wet and hairy creature. There are many Ottoline books, but my favorite is definitely the first one, Ottoline and the Yellow Cat. This one is about a yellow cat who steals little dogs from people’s houses who can’t defend themselves. Ottoline solves this mystery as she does many others. There is also Ottoline at Sea and Ottoline goes to school. Ottoline at Sea is about how Ottoline goes on a trip to find Mr. Munroe who has disappeared and gone off to Norway to find Bigfoot with Ottoline parents who are already in Norway. Ottoline is helped by many friends along the way to find Mr. Munroe. Ottoline goes to school is about how Ottoline meets a girl named Cecily who tells her about her school. Ottoline’s parents then send her to that school as well. There have been some rather weird things going on at that school and it is Ottoline job to figure out what is happening. Lastly, the newest Ottoline is called Ottoline and the Purple Fox. It is about how a purple fox gives Ottoline and Mr. Munroe a private safari and party with all of their friends. The Ottoline books are very fun and mysterious and I used to enjoy reading them and I still do, even though they are for younger readers. The Ottoline books by Chris Riddell are fantasy novels.