Madison Chase: 8th Grade Goodbye


Hi Falcons! As you may know, I am in 8th grade and have writing for Falcon’s Flyer for a while now. Now that I’m approaching high school, I will no longer be a part of the Falcon’s Flyer group. I would like to use this last article to reflect on my 8th-grade journey and how writing for Falcon’s Flyer has helped me.

In 6th and 7th grade, I was a mediocre writer. I wasn’t exactly satisfied with how I was writing, so when I had the opportunity to join Falcon’s Flyer, I seized it. Over the months, I have gradually become more eloquent. Since then, I have improved in my writing greatly and will be able to take this with me throughout high school.

I have written about many topics over these months, but my personality shines through most in articles about geeky stuff: technology and pop culture. I have a geeky upbringing since my dad is also very immersed in things like that as well. I personally believe my writing is the rawest and eloquent when it is about a topic I’m passionate about.

To finish off my article, I’d like to encourage all of you to try writing out: write stories if you’re a younger student or sign up for Falcon’s Flyer if you’re in Junior High. Have a wonderful summer, Falcons, and goodbye!