Speech and Debate: Storytelling Interviews

Hello Falcons!


As some of you may know our Speech and Debate team has been able to continue practicing and competing during this pandemic. They recently had their first competition of the year, hosted by the Southern California Junior Forensic League. I got the opportunity to ask some of the members a few questions about Speech and Debate. Today I am going to share some of the interviews with some of the students who competed in storytelling. Storytelling, as described by Brandon Yan, is “You memorize a children’s book and present it.”

Brandon Yan is in 8th grade and has competed in Debate twice before, but this was his first time competing in storytelling. He performed “Oh The Places You’ll Go” by Dr. Seuss. Brandon says that Speech and Debate is really fun and that his favorite part is the practices. Before the competition, when asked about how he felt about competing virtually he said, “It is unique in a way you don’t practice with your coaches helping you make the adjustments when they are right next to you. I don’t feel well about competing virtually.”

Joseph Schimmoller is in 7th grade and performed “Dragons Love Tacos II the sequel” by Adam Rubin. He has competed in three competitions all in storytelling and he has won 2nd place in the past. Joseph says that his favorite part about Speech and Debate is storytelling and his favorite part of the competitions is the time between rounds. Before the competition, when asked how he felt about competing virtually he said that “it feels the same as a normal competition just a little bit more nerve-racking.”

Alanna Valer is in 8th grade and this was her first competition. She competed in storytelling and performed “The Cat in the Hat” by Dr. Seuss. Alanna is a long time member of the school’s drama club so it makes sense that she likes Speech and Debate because “It’s like acting, you get to play a new role.” Before the competition when Alanna was asked what it was like preparing for the competition and how she felt about competing virtually she said, “I would prefer in person, virtually would present many problems.”

Last, but not least, Rocio Castro is not new to Speech and Debate. Rocio is in 8th grade and competed in 3rd and 4th grade at her previous school and won 5th place in poetry and 2nd place in storytelling. She performed “The True Story of the Three Little Pigs” by Jon Scieszka. Rocio says she likes Speech and Debate because, “it’s fun acting out the books or poems” and her favorite part of competing is “the actual competition.” When asked about how she feels about competing and preparing virtually before the competition she said, “I haven’t competed virtually but the practices are different because I don’t actually get to see people. I don’t want to compete virtually because my favorite part is the competition and hanging out with friends eating and waiting for the results. Also, I liked being able to see the judges.”

These guys did very well at the competition and look forward to competing in the next competition!