How 5th Grade Feels About Going Into 6th Grade


Jett (left) and Lyla (right)

As the school year comes to an end, students are getting prepared for the upcoming school year. 5th graders are getting ready for 6th grade, their first year in Junior High. There are a lot of fun things in 6th grade including the new Yosemite Science Camp overnight trip, switching classes, new teachers, and much more! There is surely a lot to be prepared for once August arrives. We’ve interviewed a few 5th graders and asked them a few questions. 

First, we asked what they’re most excited about. Juliet Gunn and Lyla Selva both said that they are excited to switch classes every hour. In 5th grade, they switched for math and language arts: in 6th grade, they will switch for every class and go into new classrooms. And then we asked them about their new teachers. Luke Paulus said, “I think it’s cool that we have so many new teachers,”.

Jett (left) and Lyla (right)
Luke (left) and Juliet (right)

Jett is excited to meet Mr. W, the 8th-grade homeroom teacher and the Social Studies teacher for all of Junior High. Juliet Gunn is excited to meet Ms. Hegepeth, the 6th-grade homeroom teacher and Junior High Religion teacher. The 5th graders are also excited about switching classes. Juliet, Lyla, and Jett are all excited for that. But, Luke said, “I am not excited about switching classes because I like to stay in the same class,”. 

We also asked some teachers for advice. Ms. Simone, the 5th-grade math teacher, and 5B homeroom teacher said, “Remember to choose kind, read for fun, and love math,”. She also mentioned that it is a big transitional year and that everyone should be prepared.

Overall, many 5th graders are very excited to start 6th grade next year. 6th grade will be tough at first, but a few weeks in, new routines will seem comfortable.