How 7th Grade Feels About Going Into 8th Grade

As the school year comes to an end, students are getting prepared for the upcoming school year. 7th graders are getting ready for 8th grade, their final year at St. Philips. There are a lot of fun things in 8th grade including the 8th-grade sweatshirts, going to Washington D.C., going to Disneyland, Capstone, and much more! There is surely a lot to be prepared for. We’ve interviewed a few 7th graders and asked them a few questions. 

Many of them have responded saying that they are both excited and nervous about 8th grade, especially about applying to high school. Noah said, “I’m excited to apply in general and getting the high school experience,” Applying to high school will be a big part of the year and is definitely something to look forward to. Grace is nervous about making a decision for high school. Grace said, “Exciting but nervous about losing friends. Decisions are scary.” There are so many choices, so the decision is definitely intimidating to face. 

Brody (left) and Claire (right)

In 8th grade, there is also a sweatshirt that the 8th graders are given at the beginning of the year. In 7th grade, the students create a design, and everyone votes on it. Grace,

Noah (left) and Grace (right)

Claire and Noah mentioned that they are very excited about the sweatshirt.

There are also a lot of trips that 8th graders go on during the year. They go to Washington DC and Disneyland. Those are both big trips that are very exciting. Emmy said, “I am most excited to go to Washington DC because the school has had this tradition for years and it sounds like fun. I hope we get to go this year!”. 8th graders at St. Philip have gone to Washington DC for many years and many people are always super excited to go.

We also asked teachers for some advice for incoming 8th graders. Ms. de Roulac, the 2A teacher, said, “My advice is to enjoy 8th grade as much as possible. It is stressful and a big year, but just enjoy it. Stay on the positive side and this is a very special place that everyone has been at for so long”. Ms. O’Toole, the 4B teacher, also mentioned enjoying it as much as you can, too. “It’ll all come together in the end,” she said. Both teachers taught this class, so they are sad to see them go. Ms. O’Toole said, “I feel sad because you were one of my favorite classes. But ill miss you so much!”.

Altogether, everyone is excited about 8th grade and ready for an amazing year. The coming year will be exciting and long, but worth it in the end. Good luck to all the incoming 8th graders!