My Final Thoughts


This year has given me so many opportunities. One of the most exciting opportunities I’ve had was being a part of the Falcon’s Flyer staff. I’ve been able to grow so much closer to friends, and I’ve been able to improve on my writing skills. That’s why I encourage the seventh graders to try out for the school newspaper. It’s much more than just writing stories for the school. I learned that many people around the world read our newspaper. People from Australia, Africa, and America visit our website. I love that my articles don’t just please the school, they also please many other citizens from different cities.
Because this was my last year at St. Philip’s, I was able to form a stronger bond with my fellow classmates. I became friends with a lot more people I haven’t talked to or haven’t gotten to know in the past years. Whether it was going on the retreat or going to Washington D.C., I’ve made so many new memories and relationships that I will carry with me as I go off to High School. Thank you to all my teachers and friends who have made my experience at St. Philip’s more than amazing. I will never forget the memories and friends I’ve made these past 9 years.