Throughout this whole year, Falcon’s Flyer has been really helpful to my writing skills. I have enjoyed free writing for a long time which is part of the reason I enjoyed writing on the newspaper. Falcon’s Flyer opens you up to many new opportunities to meet new people (ex: interviews) and learn more about the school. Being apart of the newspaper also made my grow closer with some of my classmates I may not have originally been friends with. I encourage everyone to join the Falcon’s Flyer because so many new opportunities could come your way and really impact you. I feel like the newspaper had a lot of freedom when it came to picking something to write in your article which I enjoyed because it allowed me to pick an idea I wanted to write about. Even though I enjoyed the newspaper, I also enjoyed many other things during my time at Saint Philip’s. I have been at this school for nine years and it breaks my heart to know I have to leave in just a few days. I made lifelong relationships with both my friends and teachers and I am so thankful that they have come into my life. I would like thank all my teachers so so so much because they had made a huge impact on my life and not just academically. I have always felt like I could tell my teachers anything in the world and that is a great feeling to have. I will miss all the friends I have made here and really hope to keep in contact with all of them. Everyone within the school has effected me in such a positive and happy way. It only hit me about last week that we had to leave and I have been extremely sad ever since. I know high school is also going to be tons of fun, but nothing will ever compare to my experience at Saint Philip.