Farewell St. Philip


I never thought this day would come.  I can’t believe this is happening to me.  I don’t want it to.  I can’t imagine life after St. Philip’s.  A few days ago, or at least it felt like a few days ago, imagining life after St. Philip’s was fictional.  Now here I am, where that fantasy is reality.

Out of the 14 years I have existed, the 9 spent at St. Philip’s were the best they could ever be.  St. Philip’s has provided me with positive characteristics and skills that will use until I die.  These include confidence, outgoing-ness, bravery, openness, and more.

I am speechless.  I cannot describe how much thanks I owe to everyone who made me experience at St. Philip’s memorable.  To list a few:

  • ALL the teachers
  • the staff
  • My awesome class of 2015
  • the student body that has come and go
  • my family (especially my parents)

And that is only a few.  I have so many others to thank.

I have advice I would like to give to the 7th graders and years to come.  My main piece of advice is to enjoy the present.  Don’t worry or dream about the future.  If you do worry and dream about the future, then you will forget about your present.  Imagine it as a tightrope.  You are walking across it, looking at the end imagining getting off of it.  Once you look down, then you’re toast.  You fall.  There goes your chances of making it to the end.  In this situation, the end of the tightrope is the future and whatever is under you is the present.  This may seem like a terrible example, but in conclusion, enjoy every moment.  I also want to tell you to be kind to others.  I know this sounds cheesy but you really have to at least try to be kind.  The high school process will really hit you hard and you may become insane.  Sounds crazy, but is true.  Your 8th grade year will be one of the best years yet.

Falcon Flyer was one of the greatest decisions I ever made.  I originally was not going to do it because of competition.  My tutor highly encouraged me to, so I did it.  I was shocked to receive the email saying I was on the staff.  I have been interested in the Journalism and Creative Writing world ever since I started.  English has always been one of my favorite subjects.  I may have add many ups and downs with Falcon Flyer, but in the end it was so worth it.

I have had many ups and downs at St. Philips.  I would say I have had more ups than downs, but when I did have a downer, it was pretty down.  Down to the South Pole.  What was sad was that my downs were 70% of the time stupid.  My ups include all the memories and fun moments I will never forget, such as the relationships and bonds I have made.

Most people in my class are so ready to leave St. Philip’s.  They want to leave because they are ready for change.  I, however, am not ready for change.  I am so used to and comfortable with the St. Philip community/environment and do not want change.  I am not saying I am not prepared for a more demanding and responsible setting, because I definitely feel like I am.  I just do not want change.  I cannot believe I am saying this, nor do I want to say this, but I think it is time for me to move on.  Yes I am excited for Immaculate Heart but St. Philip’s has been my home for 9 years.  If you add your high school and college years together, typically you will get 8 years.  I researched quotes about “moving on” and this is what I found:

“Moving on is a simple thing, what it leaves behind is hard.” -Dave Mustaine

“Everyday’s a new day, and you’ll never be able to find happiness if you don’t move on.” -Carrie Underwood

“Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.” -Seneca

To the school, all I have really have to say is Thank You.  Thank You for never failing to put a smile on my face.  Thank you Mrs. Ramirez and Mr. Yniguez for doing a beautiful job ruling this school.  Thank you the Jr. High teachers for helping and guiding me through this difficult rollercoaster.  Thank you elementary school teachers for preparing me for Jr. High.  I cannot wait to see how all of you will do me well in high school.  I have so much more to say, but I think it would be around 20 pages, and I am pretty sure you are done listening to me.  St. Philip’s, it’s been real.

I guess it is time for me to say farewell to the St. Philip the Apostle School community.  Instead of saying good-bye, let’s just say, see you later, St. Philip.  Thanks for a great 9 years that I will cherish forever.