Fall Fest Haunted House

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Have you ever been to the haunted house at the fall fest? If so, then you know how well decorated it is in there! It’s the perfect Halloween attraction for our Fall Fest. Inside are different spooky scenes. You have a tour guide and he/she guides you through multiple rooms in the haunted house. Each room is a different scene. From scary people jumping out at you to zombies, clowns, and ghouls. This haunted house is fun and spooky. Former student at St. Philip the Apostle School, Ellie Parisi, now works at the haunted house. Here’s what she has to say…

Why did you want to work at the SPAS Haunted House?

I think it’s fun because people I know are also working there.

What are you doing in the Haunted House?

I am jumping out and scaring people.

Any sneak peaks about the scenes this year?

There are going to be four rooms and they’re going to be scary.

Rating of scariness, 1-10?

It depends on what people are scared of and what rooms there are. Maybe a 6 or a 8. Maybe a nine if you have a lot of fears that are in the Haunted House.

Make sure to go to the SPAS Haunted House at the Fall Festival on October 24th!  It will be thrilling and spooky experience. Warning: Do not go into the haunted house if you are easily scared and/or don’t enjoy scary things. This is just one of the reasons to be excited for the 2015 Fall Fest! Beware, for you might find some scares there!