Junie B. Jones: BOO…and I MEAN IT!

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A first grade girl, Junie B. Jones, wants to dress up as a scary clown named Squirty for Halloween. But there is a problem…she is scared of Halloween! She is scared that real witches and monsters go trick-or-treating on Halloween! She is also scared that if you carve pointy teeth on your pumpkin it will roll into your room and eat you feet. Bats will land on your head and live in your hair. Black witch cats will claw you. Candy corn isn’t really corn. She has to still have fun on Halloween even though these are her fears. Her mother wants her to be something nice for Halloween, like Little Bo-Peep. But Junie wants to be Squirty the Clown and she wants to have a squirter, but her mother won’t let her. So instead, she chooses to be Screamy the Clown so she can scare people. This book is easy to read and perfect for beginning and early readers. If you want to find out what happens next, then read the book. BOO!