The Adventures of Taco and Cheeseburger Ch.5

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     The Adventures of Taco and Cheeseburger Ch.5

  By Maria Yniguez and Lindsey Michelena


In the woods….

As Taco and Cheeseburger set up their camp with the supplies they got from Jeanne and Jennifer, they wonder what is happening in Bumshy Head. They set up two tents so they won’t have to sleep out in the cold. They just sat down when suddenly they can hear leaves crumbling in the woods to the left of them. “H-Hello? Is a-anyone there?” Cheeseburger asks. I knew this would happen! I knew that barrier meant someone was out to get us! We’re so dead. We’re so dead. We’re so dead!!! Cheeseburger is panicking in her head. Taco says, “Come out! It’s okay,  we won’t hurt you, whoever you are”. Taco is more calm. What are the chances that this is the person that put up the barrier? It’s probably just an animal. I’m probably right. At least I hope I’m right. Suddenly a cat comes out of the bushes. The cat says “Hello? I’m sorry to trouble you. I hope I didn’t scare you, well sorry if I did. I’m Hemingway”. The girls introduce themselves to Hemingway. “You can stay with us if you want Hemingway”, says Cheeseburger. “T-thank you so much!” replies Hemingway. Taco and Cheeseburger light a fire then sit and talk with Hemingway. They tell him what has happened with Bumshy Head and the barrier. “That’s terrible! I wish I could help!” Hemingway says. After they all talk for awhile they all decide to go to sleep. Suddenly a few hours later Taco wakes Cheeseburger up. “Taco! What are you doing? It’s the middle of the night!” Cheeseburger says to Taco. Taco replies, “SHHH! Just get up and follow me”. The two girls walk into the forest. When they stop walking after a few minutes Cheeseburger says, “Ok we’re here. Now what did you want to talk about?” Taco takes a breath and says, “Okay this will sound crazy but I t-think Hemingway is the one who put up the barrier”. Cheeseburger says. “I know. I was thinking the same thing. What are we gonna do?” There is silence. They both know it’s probably Hemingway because usually they are right about things like this and he just seems way too nice and innocent for someone they just meet. This is horrible. I knew this would happen. What are we gonna? Taco thinks. Cheeseburger is not as calm as Taco. I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS IS HAPPENING! WHAT’S WORSE THAN MEETING THE CAT THAT’S OUT TO KILL US! What do we do! What do we do! What do we do! “M-maybe we should go back to camp. Then we can think of something to do about this”, Taco says. “Yeah. We can totally think of something”, Cheeseburger replies. The two girls go back to the camp and try to get some sleep. Early in the morning Cheeseburger wakes Taco up before Hemingway is awake. “Taco! TACO! WAKE UP!” Taco wakes up, “WHAT! Ugh, now I know how YOU felt a few hours ago. Anyway what is it? W-wait, IS HEMINGWAY GONE?” Cheeseburger replies, “No he’s still here. I’m just wondering, what’s our plan? I mean, we have to pretend to be friends with a talking cat who’s out to kill us. We NEED to come up with a plan.” Taco says, “Yeah, I know. I guess I was just so happy to actually have a lead on the barrier we forgot about an actual plan. Hmmm, I really don’t know. This is seriously like nothing we’ve ever faced before.” Cheeseburger takes a breath and replies, “I know this is stupid but maybe we can turn him GOOD, and then he will take down the barrier.” Taco thinks about that and replies, “I don’t know. If not, then a war might be coming to Bumshy Head.” They stay silent. Finally Cheeseburger says, “Well let’s just pretend we don’t suspect anything right now. We can come up with a plan later.” Taco replies, “Yeah. For now let’s just pretend to be his friend and not suspect anything. We still have to make sure that he really is the one who did this.” Cheeseburger suddenly comes up with an idea. “I guess we could spy on him today. I could pretend to go out and explore or something and while he thinks I’m doing that, you could also go to do something then we’ll spy on him, see if he talks to himself or does anything weird.” Taco thinks about that and replies, “Yeah! That will probably work. Now go back to bed and we’ll start this plan when it’s NOT three in the morning!