The Adventures of Taco and Cheeseburger Ch.6

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   The Adventures of Taco and Cheeseburger Ch.6

            by Maria Yniguez and Lindsey Michelena


In the woods…..

“Hey guys, I’m gonna go explore the woods a tiny bit. I could look for clues and stuff’’’, Cheeseburger says. Omg omg omg! This is happening! The plan! Cheeseburger knows she has to watch Hemingway LIKE A HAWK after she pretends to go and look around. She thinks to herself This could either go perfect or horribly, horribly wrong! Let’s do this! Cheeseburger heads into the woods, and then, when she’s out of sight, turns into a wolf. She heads back to the trees around the camp and watches Hemingway. Then Taco tells Hemingway, “Ugh, we’re out of firewood. I’ll go get some more. I should probably get a lot.” Hemingway replies, “Okay thanks! I’ll wait here.” Taco goes into the woods and transforms into a fox, then goes to Cheeseburger and they both start watching Heminway. This can not go wrong. This plan is so perfect! Unless Hemingway suspects us… Taco thinks. After a while Hemingway starts talking to himself, “Yes, yes. All is going as planned. They don’t suspect a thing! Mwhahahaha! Bumsy Head will be MINE! Mwhahahahaha!” Taco signals for Cheeseburger to follow her. They go deeper into the woods, far enough away so Hemingway won’t hear them talking. Finally they transform back to their human selves and start to talk. “I cannot believe he actually started talking about his plan. He is a villain, but he’s not the smartest”, Cheeseburger says in disbelief. Taco replies, “I know, right? But he WAS smart enough to put up that barrier so he is a threat.” Cheeseburger says, “His talking to himself definitely was real because he was mumbling.  Anyway, what now? I mean, we know he was the one to put up the barrier, but we still need to find a way to take it down, and we CANNOT forget that THIS CAT IS OUT TO KILL US!” Taco thinks, then says, “I guess we can just leave then follow Hemingway as animals and see what he does. It’s better than pretending to be his friend knowing he wants to take over Bumshy Head”. Both the girls just stop and think. Well this is bad. We don’t even know how to take down the barrier! Cheeseburger thinks. Why am I being so calm? Cheeseburger is actually not going crazy like she normally would. Maybe Hemingway will go to his secret lair or something. We just need to know how to take down that barrier then we can go back home, Taco thinks. Suddenly Cheeseburger says, “So tonight should we just wait ‘till Hemingway is asleep then leave?” Taco replies, “Yeah.Then we’ll wait in the outskirts by our camp and when Hemingway realizes we’re gone, he’ll probably leave too, so we can follow him.” Cheeseburger replies, “Okay, so we have a plan! I’m going to head back to camp now. You should probably collect some logs.” Taco nods and says, “Okay bye!” Then the girls go separate ways. They now have part of a plan to get back to Bumshy Head.