The Adventures of Taco and Cheeseburger Ch.7

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Back in Bumshy Head…

In the castle library, Ramses, Laurence, and Garroth are reading through books about magic. Garroth says, “Ugh, I still don’t believe the answer to taking down that barrier is in a book.” Laurence says, “Ramses, Garroth is right. Most of these aren’t even books on barrier magic!” Ramses replies, “This one is! It’s talking all about magical barriers!” Laurence says excitedly, “Does it say how to take them down?!” Garroth adds, “This might just be our one lead!” Ramses says, “YES! It says how to take-” She suddenly pauses. Garroth says, “What is it?” Ramses continues, “It’s a VERY complex potion. I don’t think any of us will be able to start it, even if we did have the proper ingredients.” They all stop and think when suddenly Laurence says, “Alison! She’s knowledgeable in potions and barrier magic! If she has the right ingredients, she’ll probably be able to brew this potion!” They get excited. “Yes, that is a great idea! If anyone can concoct a complex potion, it’s Alison!” exclaims Ramses. Garroth exclaims, “I used to think Alison was a witch because of her amazing potion skills!” The three of them walk into the edge of Bumshy Head, reaching their good friend Alison’s house. They knock on the door, and when Alison opens the door her face fills with excitement. She cries, “Ramses! Laurence! Garroth! It’s been forever!” “By forever, do you mean two days ago?” asks Garroth. “Haha, come in!” Alison says. Once they step inside, Alison says, “Wow, have you noticed the extreme change in temperature lately? A few days after Taco and Cheeseburger left-” Alison’s looks sad as she pauses, but she continues. “Ever since Taco and Cheeseburger left, they weather has acting been real strange. Yesterday, it was burning outside! But today, it’s freezing! It’s never been like this before!” Ramses says, “I guess I’ve noticed that, but I’ve never paid it much attention, as we’ve been so busy! Wow, that’s really strange!” Laurence says, “Yes, that’s it! I remember now! Once-this was a long time ago-when Taco and Cheeseburger went on a vacation for a few days, they weather patterns were off. When they came back, they noticed this, and used their magic immediately to fix it. Taco told me that their magic keeps Bumshy Head in good weather conditions. They used their magic to make sure that the weather never made unusual changes. After that, any time they went on vacation, they cast a special and powerful spell to make sure they weather was okay for the time they were gone. But even that powerful magic could not last for longer than a few days. Taco and Cheeseburger weren’t planning to be gone for this long, so their magic has worn off within a few days. So until they return, we’ll have to face this weather.” Ramses looks  impressed at with how much Laurence knows, but Garroth just says, “Oh great, another thing we have to deal with.” “Anyway”, says Ramses, “Alison, we’ve been wondering if are able to make this potion.” Ramses shows Alison the page of the book containing the ingredients and instructions of the potion. “Whoa, this is the most complex potion I have ever seen-and trust me, I have seen many potions. But I’ll try.” Ramses gets nervous. If Alison can’t do this, we are hopeless, she thinks. Ramses gets tense as Alison starts to make the potion, knowing that Taco and Cheeseburger depend on this.


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