The Adventures of Taco and Cheeseburger Ch. 10

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In the woods…..

Taco is in the woods, trying to collect logs. She is worried about Cheeseburger being alone with Hemingway, so she wants to speed things up a bit. She travels deeper into the woods, still finding nothing. She has come to her last resort. There are no logs anywhere, and who knows if Cheeseburger is okay? Taco finally decides to not waste any more time. She transforms into a fox and climbs a tree. She transforms back into a human and tries to breaks a large log-like stick off the tree. She does this several times until she has five “logs”. She drops them on the ground, transforms into a fox, and scurries down the tree. Taco turns back into a human and carries the “logs” back to camp. When she reaches Hemingway and Cheeseburger, she lets out a silent sigh of relief. Cheeseburger is okay, she thinks. Taco says, “Hey guys, I’m back. Logs are extremely scarce in these woods, so I had to do the best I could. Here, I’ll start a fire.” She rubs a rock on a stick, creating flames. She throws the stick onto the pile of “logs”, and slowly, all of the logs catch on fire. Cheeseburger applauds and says, “Well, then, should we have dinner? It’s getting late, and this fire is perfect for cooking food.” Hemingway digs up a worm. “How about this for dinner?” he asks. Taco and Cheeseburger look disgusted. “I was just kidding. Honest. So, what are we going to have for dinner?” Taco replies, “I don’t know, whatever we can find! Just not that worm, though.” Cheeseburger and Hemingway laugh, and they go exploring. They soon reach a lake, and Cheeseburger says, “Oooh, I have an idea! She grabs a stick, ties one end of her shoelace on it, and ties the worm that Hemingway dug up onto the other end. She lets the shoelace and the worm fall into the water, but keeps holding her stick attached to the lace. Soon the stick becomes heavy and bends. Cheeseburger pulls it up, and there’s a fish on the end! She has successfully gone fishing and caught a fish! “Here you go, Hemingway”, she says, “This may taste a lot better to you than that worm. Here, Taco, can you cook it on the fire? I don’t know how.” Taco nods and heads back to the camp, followed by Hemingway and Cheeseburger. “But wait”, Hemingway says, “You don’t have your dinner!” Taco and Cheeseburger exchanged glances. They didn’t want to have fish because they were not used to having fish in Bumshy Head. There wasn’t a close lake by Bumshy Head, so there was never any seafood on the menu. There was nothing else to eat…but the girls would rather have nothing than this strange food they weren’t used to. With one glance at Cheeseburger’s face, Taco can tell that they are thinking the same thing. Taco quickly says, “That’s okay, we aren’t hungry. Here, let’s go back to the camp so I can cook your fish.” They continue on back to the camp. Taco puts the fish on a stick and holds it over the fire until it is a nice golden color. She hands it to Hemingway, who mutters a quick “thanks” before gobbling it all up. Cheeseburger can tell that Hemingway is tired, so she says, “Hemingway, you should go to sleep. You look tired. Taco and I will put out the fire soon, then we will go to sleep. Actually, maybe we need more logs. We might go out and gather some more while you’re sleeping. It’s okay, we will return soon.” With that, Hemingway falls asleep. Cheeseburger looks at Taco. They both know what they must do next.