The Adventures of Taco and Cheeseburger Ch. 11

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The Adventures of Taco and Cheeseburger Ch. 11

by Lindsey Michelena & Maria Yniguez

Cheeseburger gestures for Taco to follow her. The two girls walk deeper into the woods. Cheeseburger says, “Finally, we are alone. Now we can talk about our plans alone. I was worried that if we talked about them while Hemingway was asleep, he may overhear somehow-like if he was only pretending to be sleeping, or if he woke up but decided to pretend to still be sleeping to overhear.” Taco says, “Good idea. But I have just one question: if you have never eaten a fish before-or never been to this lake before-how did you catch a fish?” “Ramses taught me”, replies Cheeseburger simply. “Are you sure?” asks Taco, “But how would Ramses know how to fish? She has never even taken a vacation-or has ever been interested in fishing. I think I would have known if Ramses was good at fishing.” “I never said she was good at fishing”, replies Cheeseburger. Taco says, “But that doesn’t answer the rest of my questions. Hey-now that I think about it-the only person I know who has a lot of experience in fishing is Garroth. Did he teach you?” Cheeseburger replies, “NO! W-why wou-would h-he!!!!” “Whoa, settle down”, says Taco. “Did he or did he not teach you?” “Yes”, mutters Cheeseburger. “Well, then why did you not want to tell me?” asks Taco. “Because I forgot that it was Garroth who taught me”, replies Cheeseburger. “Oh, I don’t think you forgot”, says Taco. “Did you guys consider that your first date? I KNOW you like him” Cheeseburger blushes. Taco laughs. Cheeseburger says, “Well, it’s not like you don’t like Laurence!” Taco asks, “How did you know? AHHH!I mean, if i-it was even t-true…I m-mean…why wou-would you thi-think that?” But Cheeseburger is laughing so hard at Taco’s response. “You just admitted it! You just admitted that you like Laurence! TACO LIKES LAURENCE!!!!!!!!!!” Taco shushes her. “First of all, I DON’T LIKE LAURENCE!!!!!!!!!!!! Second of all, we have to be quiet, or else Hemingway will find us.” “Says the girl who just screamed ten times louder than me. And you so like Laurence! Hey, listen to me, I have good news and bad news. The bad news is, it is kinda obvious that you like Laurence. The good news is, he likes you back!” says Cheeseburger. Taco says, “But…I…what…” Cheeseburger laughs. “Okay, fine”, Taco says. “I give up. But just remember, we BOTH have our secrets. It’s not like you don’t like GARROTH! But anyway, we won’t mention each other’s secrets to ANYONE else. Deal?” “Okay”, Cheeseburger says. “We both have had our turn at being laughed at by the other. Now we are even. Now we DON’T MENTION THIS AGAIN. It’s a deal.” They shake hands. “Poor Dante”, says Cheeseburger. “He doesn’t have anyone.” Taco shakes her head and says, “We’re forgetting someone….”. Cheeseburger gasps and replies, “NO WAY! RAMSES!” Taco nods and replies, “YES! DANTE TOLD ME!” They both start laughing. “Anyway, we need to do something about Hemingway, now that we know the truth. Should we stick to our old plan?” asks Taco. “I think so”, says Cheeseburger. “I think we have to ditch Hemingway. It’s for the best but we should follow him in our animal forms.” “Yes”, says Taco, “I think that plan is the best we can do. Let’s try it.” So the two girls walk to their camp and hide behind a bush. They transform into their animal selves. They are ready to spend a long night watching Hemingway. Who knows what can happen next?

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