The Adventures of Taco and Cheeseburger Ch.16

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The Adventures of Taco and Cheeseburger Ch. 16

by Maria Yniguez and Lindsey Michelena

After a few hours, they give up. “This is taking longer than it took to reach you guys”, says Laurence. “So we must be going the wrong way.” Suddenly, a cat appears from behind a tree. “Hemingway!” cries Cheeseburger. Taco shushes her. “So, you remember me”, says Hemingway. “Wherever did you guys go? And you’ve got a friend.” He gestures at Laurence. Taco says, “So, last night, we were out getting more firewood, when a bear appeared! He was big,a t least twenty feet tall! So we ran. Eventually, the bear lost us, but we stayed in hiding for a few hours. When we were sure that we lost the bear for good, we started looking for the camp and for you. But then we saw our friend-” Taco stops, deciding that she should approach this differently. “-I mean, he was a total stranger at the time, but he became our friend. He helped us look for the camp and for you. Now we found you! Yay!” Cheeseburger smiles at Taco. Laurence is very confused, This might be the person who put up the barrier! Taco DID look scared. Hemingway smiles and says, “I’m so happy that you’re okay and that we found each other! Are you guys hungry? ‘Cause I know I sure am!” “Hey, Laurence, I know this is a longshot, but by any chance did you remember to bring food or any other necessities?” asks Cheeseburger. Laurence hits himself on the head again. “Wow, I am a complete fool! Ramses should have chose Dante or Garroth for the mission!” By Taco’s look, he knows he has said too much. “What mission?” asks Hemingway suspiciously. Laurence looks at Taco for help. She shakes her head. Laurence isn’t sure if that means that she’s got nothing or if since he was the one who got himself into this, he would have to be the one to get himself out. Laurence says, “Well, back in Bumshy Head-” he stops. He knows he has done something wrong again. He knows he is hopeless. This time, Cheeseburger steps in. She says, “Sorry, while we were searching, Laurence hit his head on a rock and has been like this ever since. He keeps talking about some secret spy mission and his imaginary friends named Dante and Garroth, and his imaginary headquarters called Bashy Hide. Don’t listen to anything he says, he’s just insane now. We hope he will recover.” Hemingway says, “Aww, you poor thing. I wish I could help you, but I don’t have a medical degree.” Hemingway laughs at his own little “joke” even though he is not sure if Cheeseburger is lying or not. He could have sworn that guy said Bumshy Head. Taco and Laurence smile at Cheeseburger. “Well, Laurence needs his rest, and I say that all of us should settle down now”, says Taco. They all lay down. Hemingway and Laurence fall asleep. Taco groans. “Laurence, wake up!” she whispers. She has to shake him awake. Finally Laurence wakes up. “Did you not see me wink at you? We’re not really-” she looks at Hemingway, worried that he will overhear. “Never mind, let’s go. We need firewood.” The three of them get up and walk away, into the woods. “Laurence”, Taco explains, “We aren’t really going to sleep, I just wanted Hemingway to go to sleep so we could escape like we did last night. We need to go back to Bumshy Head-and fast!” “So we aren’t going to sleep? I’m tired”, complains Laurence as they run. “No!” replies Taco. “Real charmer”, whispers Cheeseburger to Taco, winking at her. She glares at Cheeseburger, but Taco can’t help giggling. “We both have our secrets, just remember that”, whispers Taco. They slow down and try to navigate their way through the woods and back to Bumshy Head, little knowing that they are being followed.