The Adventures of Taco and Cheeseburger Ch.20

The Adventures of Taco and Cheeseburger Ch. 20

by Maria Yniguez & Lindsey Michelena

Alison keeps crying. “If-if-if Dante… will be all my fault! I was the one who hit him, then his head hit a sh-sharp rock a-and…” Once again, Cheeseburger comforts her. “Wait, where’s Garroth?” asks Laurence. Ramses checks her watch. “Oh, his shift is starting right now. He’s at the barrier. He doesn’t know anything that has happened in the past hour!” Cheeseburger runs and bring him to the office, and explains everything to him. He is speechless. “So it all depends on if the operation works”, finishes Ramses. Dr. Turman comes out. Alison quickly pales, preparing for the bad news. Everyone gets tense. “Oh, don’t worry”, says Dr. Turman, sensing the tension. “I ran some tests, and performed the most effective but most complex operation. All that’s left to do now is wait. We can’t control what happens now. It is out of our hands.”  No one speaks. Alison has started crying again. “N-no. He HAS TO BE FINE! H-he has to be…..” Doctor Turman says, “He is currently sleeping. We won’t know the results of the operation until he wakes up-or, if he wakes up. He could even be in a coma. I’m sorry for being like this, I seem heartless, but these are things you need to know.” “No, Doctor Turman, it’s okay. Thank you for telling us”, Alison replies through her tears. Doctor Turman smiles and says, “He could wake up at any time at all. You guys can go visit him if you wish.” They all say thanks to Doctor Turman and find the door to Dante’s room. Ramses goes in first with Alison following close behind her. “D-Dante?” Ramses says. They all wait a few minutes, exchanging worried glances. Suddenly Dante starts to wake up. “U-gh. What happened?” Everyone is stunned. “Thank goodness you’re okay! I’m so so sorry! I was just so annoyed with you a-and after I hit you your head hit a sharp rock a-and-” She takes a breath, “I am so sorry! I feel terrible!!” says Alison. “Alison it’s okay! I probably shouldn’t have been sleeping on the job anyway! You were right about the 2 a.m. shift. Haha! Wait. Taco! Cheeseburger! Laurence! A-are they-” Dante stops mid sentence when he sees that Cheeseburger, Taco, and Laurence are in the room and safe. He sighs and says “Thank goodness, you guys are okay!” Ramses says, “That’s the same to you! You had us all w-worried sick! Doctor Turman said you might be in a coma and that you might never wake up!” Dante smiles and says, “I guess this little scratch was pretty bad. Anyway, I’ve officially learned my lesson on messing with Alison, hahaha! Well, for now….” Everyone laughs. They all start talking to each other. Taco stares out of the window. Laurence sees her and asks, “Hey. You okay?” Taco shakes her head like she is snapping out of a daze and replies, “What? Oh yeah I’m fine. It’s only……I could have sworn I just saw Hemingway run into those bushes.” “What? But we lost Hemingway in the woods, remember? He can’t be here!” says Laurence. “I certainly hope not”, says Cheeseburger, joining the conversation. “Or else, things can go terribly wrong.”

Hemingway hides in the bushes behind the office, waiting. He can only overhear some of their conversation. He has heard Hemingway, bushes, woods, here, and wrong. They know, he thinks. They know I am here in the bushes. They are confused because they thought I am still in the woods. I guess they know that things can go wrong. No. They know. This is bad. This means that I won’t catch them off guard. This will make my job harder. In his mind, Hemingway begins to plot out new ideas.