The Adventures of Taco and Cheeseburger Ch.21

The Adventures of Taco and Cheeseburger Ch. 21

By Lindsey Michelena & Maria Yniguez

The next morning, Taco says, “Hey, let’s hang out at the castle! It will be fun, and we can catch up on what happened when we were separated.” The real reason she insists on hanging out at the castle is because she knows that Hemingway is loose, and the castle is the safest place. Taco, Cheeseburger and Laurence had told Garroth and Ramses about Hemingway the previous night, but they chose not to worry Alison and Dante. When they get to the castle they all sit in the living room and talk. Taco, Laurence, and Cheeseburger tell how every time they escaped Hemingway found them again. “Wow. That’s crazy to think that a cat- well a talking cat– could be so……evil,” Garroth says. Everyone is silent. Finally Taco replies, “I know, but he’s in Bumshy Head now. He followed us in. I made sure he didn’t follow us here, though.” Laurence says, “We need to be cautious. Garroth, and I will patrol the town and areas around it until Hemingway is caught. We can switch every few hours. As for the night we can go around every few hours. We need to make sure the people in the village are safe.” Ramses sighs and says, “You’re right. We can’t even evacuate Bumshy Head because of the barrier! This is horrible! And Hemingway put up the barrier so there’s no telling what other magic he can do!” They all stay silent and think. Cheeseburger is going crazy as usual. THIS IS BAD! WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO! WE-ARE-ALL-GOING-TO-DIE!!!!!! The others are more calm. It will be fine. We can improve our defenses. Hemingway can’t hide forever…..I hope, thinks Taco.  Everyone is in danger. This is bad. We have to protect the people no matter what happens! Yep, I’m probably being dramatic… Ramses thinks. There’s no reason we won’t be able to catch Hemingway. Sure he can do magic….and he did follow us twice without us noticing…..he did get into Bumshy Head ….BUT THAT DOESN’T MATTER! I hope….. thinks Laurence. “Is anyone else freaking out in their heads right now?” asks Cheeseburger, breaking the silence. “Probably. We need to warn the people what’s happening and to be aware,” says Laurence. Taco sighs and says, “Laurence, Garroth; You guys go make the announcement for everyone to meet in the hall.” Garroth asks, “Should we tell Dante and Alison too?” Cheeseburger sighs and says, “Yes. They need to know”.