The Adventures of Taco and Cheeseburger Ch.22

The Adventures of Taco and Cheeseburger Ch. 22

By Maria Yniguez & Lindsey Michelena

    Taco, Cheeseburger, and Ramses walk to Dr. Turman’s office. Garroth and Laurence walk on the outside, their hands on their swords. They are prepared for an attack by Hemingway. Laurence and Garroth have just told the people of Bumshy Head to meet in the hall in an hour from now. They reach the office and knock. Alison opens the door and says, “Hey, guys! I didn’t expect you. What’s up?” “Well-” says Laurence. “Actually come in! I think Dante wants to see you,” says Alison. They come inside and are greeted enthusiastically by Dante. “How are you feeling?” asks Ramses. “Much better. Dr. Turman will be here in a few minutes to quickly check me again and hopefully release me.” “Okay, well, before he comes-” starts Cheeseburger. Taco says, “Actually, it can wait. Let’s meet at the palace once you are released.” “Alright,” replies Dante. Dr. Turman enters the room and says, “Hello! I see that Dante has some company. He deserves it, having been through all of this.” “It’s really nothing,” says Dante. “In fact, I feel much better. I would even say normal.” Dr. Turman smiles. “Okay, let’s see if you really are back to normal.” Garroth asks, “Should we leave the room?” “No, no, don’t bother. I only have one quick test.” Dr. Turman takes a gadget and scans Dante’s head with it. “This is a high tech medical tool that can sense any unnatural behavior in a wound,” explains Dr. Turman. He stops scanning and looks at the gadget. It flashes green. “That means you are fine. That cut will keep healing at a normal pace, and in a few days, the cut won’t even be visible.” “No scar? No stitches?” asks Dante. “No. When you got the cut I was sure that it would leave a scar and you’d need stitches, but it has been healing miraculously, so you won’t need anything. Just come back if the cut does anything suspicious. Even if you have the slightest feeling that something unnatural is going on, come back. We don’t want anything bad to happen,” says Dr. Turman. “And with that, I will release you. Just take it easy for the next few days, then you’ll be fine.” They thank Dr. Turman and leave. They head back to the palace with Taco, Cheeseburger, Ramses, Alison, and Dante in the center, surrounded by Laurence and Garroth, keeping guard. “Why are you guys being so cautious?” asks Dante. “We’ll explain when we get to the palace,” replies Laurence. They arrive at the palace and lock the door. Then Taco and Cheeseburger perform a very complex spell on the palace. “Seriously, what’s going on?” asks Alison. “Have a seat,” says Cheeseburger. They explain everything to Dante and Alison. “So Hemingway is here? In Bumshy Head?” asks Dante. “Yes,” replies Taco. They sit in silence. “What now?” asks Alison. “Oh my gosh! I forgot! The meeting!” cries Taco. She and Cheeseburger open the door. “Hello, everyone, sorry for the delay. Please follow us into the hall,” says Cheeseburger. Taco and Cheeseburger, followed by the others, lead the people into the hall. Once they are all seated, Taco says, “Hello. We have gathered you all here for a few reasons.” Cheeseburger says, “We have returned, as you might have heard, and we apologize for not really addressing you. We have had some…situations.” She glances at Dante. “So,” continues Taco, “You all have a right to know where we’ve been.” Taco and Cheeseburger tell them the whole story. “And the worst part,” finishes Cheeseburger, “Is that Hemingway is inside Bumshy Head.” “Please don’t panic!” Taco exclaims quickly. “He’s not after you guys; just us.” She quickly realizes that was the wrong thing to say. “But it’s okay!” cries Cheeseburger, “We have very special protections-all of you do!” “Now stay indoors more often than usual. And try not to travel alone too much, especially if you are traveling at night or for a while,” advises Taco. “You are dismissed,” says Cheeseburger. “Now have a safe trip home, and try to travel in groups.” The people exit. “What do we do next?” asks Ramses. “We have a really tough decision to make. Do we go after Hemingway and endanger, probably sacrifice, ourselves, or leave him alone and hope for the best, which endangers the people?” asks Taco. “Maybe this decision isn’t as hard as we thought,” says Cheeseburger. She smiles. “We know what we must do!” exclaims Cheeseburger.