The Adventures of Taco and Cheeseburger Ch.23

                                                        The Adventures of Taco and Cheeseburger Ch. 23

                                                                By Lindsey Michelena & Maria Yniguez
       “Okay, so our plan is to go out and search for Hemingway?” asks Ramses. “Yes, that’s right,” replies Cheeseburger. “When should we start?” asks Taco. “How about now?” asks Laurence.  Everyone agrees. “Everyone needs to have a sword. Not just Laurence and I,” says Garroth. They all grab swords and exit. “Wait! Didn’t the doctor say that Dante needs to take it easy for a few days?” asks Ramses. Dante replies, “Yes, but…well…this isn’t…” “Dante, listen to me,” says Ramses. “This is the complete opposite of taking it easy. Dante, I don’t want anything to happen to you! Please, stay in the castle! You’ll be safe! Trust me. It’s for the best. Please.” Cheeseburger giggles loudly. Taco shushes her, but then laughs as well. “What?” asks Ramses. “Nothing!” cry Taco and Cheeseburger. Ramses looks at them hard, then guides a miserable Dante back into the castle. Then Taco and Cheeseburger laugh even harder. Alison asks, “What? Oh. Is it…?” Taco and Cheeseburger nod, and Alison joins them in laughing. Ramses returns. The girls try to compose themselves. Laurence and Garroth are very confused. Ramses suspiciously looks at them, then says, “Okay. Let’s go.” They walk around the town for a while. There is no sign of Hemingway.
      Dante sits in the palace. “How could Ramses do this?” he asks. “Maybe…maybe she wanted to protect me. But why?” Suddenly, Hemingway appears. “Hello, Dante, how are you?” Dante opens the door, ready to run away. No. I am not a coward. I will fight. I have to fight, he thinks. He pulls out his sword. “Hey, Dante, wanna make a deal? You leave me alone, and I leave the castle. Deal?” asks Hemingway. “No!” cries Dante. He tries to hit Hemingway with his sword, but Hemingway dodges, and he misses. “Alright, Dante, you’ve left me no choice.” Hemingway claws Dante’s leg, causing him to fall down. Hemingway grabs a rope and ties him to a chair. Hemingway grabs Dante’s sword and points it at him the best he can, as he is a cat. “Now be quiet and stay quiet!” says Hemingway. He gets an idea. “Actually, tell me where Taco and Cheeseburger are!” “I won’t!” exclaims Dante. Hemingway touches Dante with the sword. “Tell me now!” says Hemingway. “No!” shouts Dante. Hemingway hits Dante on the head with the sword, causing him to pass out. “And I was being nice! I should have killed you!” exclaims Hemingway. With that, he leaves.