The Adventures of Taco and Cheeseburger Ch.24

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The Adventures of Taco and Cheeseburger Ch.24

By Maria Yniguez & Lindsey Michelena

Garroth, Laurence, Alison, Ramses, Cheeseburger, and Taco meet up in the town. “Well, any sign of Hemingway?” asks Garroth. Everybody shakes their heads. Laurence says, “I don’t understand! We all looked everywhere there’s nowhere left to look.” Suddenly, Ramses gasps. “What’s wrong, Ramses?!” asks Alison. Ramses is too stunned to reply. Taco understands why she gasped. “We looked everywhere….except the place we just left. THE PALACE! Dante! We have to hurry!” They all rush to the palace and fly through the doors. They all split up. Ramses goes to where she left Dante and finds him unconscious with a lot of blood coming from a cut on his head. “Dante! No! HELP! SOMEONE, HELP!” They all rush him to Doctor Turman’s hospital. Dante is rushed to the operation room. “I will need you all to stay in the waiting room. I can tell that this is much, much worse than the last cut he got. I will meet you in the waiting room as soon as possible. Please be patient, and I’ll try to help Dante as much as possible.” They all head to the waiting room and just sit. “This is all my fault. I was the one who made him stay…and now….poor Dante,” says Ramses with her head in her hands. Alison comforts her. “Ramses, no one could have guessed this would happen. It is not your fault.” They all wait an hour, mostly in silence. Finally, Doctor Turman comes back in. “Is Dante okay?” Ramses and Alison ask in unison. Doctor Turman takes a breath and says, “Dante is in critical condition. This is much, much worse than last time. I’m sorry, but I think I should give it to you straight.” Everyone agrees. Dr. Turman says, “Okay, so you see, the sword cut deep into Dante’s brain, way deeper than the rock did. Actually, the rock didn’t even cut into his brain. There is a really big chance that…that…he won’t make it. He may never wake up.” Alison and Ramses start to cry. Ramses says, “I’m sorry Alison! I’m so sorry! I shouldn’t have…ugh!” Alison puts her arm around Ramses and says, “No, Ramses, please don’t blame yourself! I had the same idea! Honestly, I was going to put Dante in the castle if you didn’t. That was a good idea. Please, calm down.” Cheeseburger says, “So, Doc, how long do you think he has left? Like, how long before…” “Honestly, I don’t know. I just performed an operation that will keep him alive for a few more hours until I can create a procedure that has the best chance of saving him. He won’t die yet. I’ll tell you when he might. That will probably be in a few days. But for now, he’s safe.” This calms Ramses and Alison down a little. “Now, if you’ll excuse me, there’s no time to waste. That medicine will only keep him safe for a few more hours, then it runs out. Too much of that medicine will kill him. So I can’t give him more. Sorry…I’ve gotta run.” With that, Dr. Turman goes to the operation room. “For now, all we can do it wait and hope for the best,” says Taco. “No…. this is horrible. I’ve known Dante since he and Alison came to Bumshy Head,” says Laurence. “I hate to even discuss this right now, but seeing as he is the reason Dante is in trouble right now, we need to do something about Hemingway,” Garroth says. “We can’t afford to be alone anymore. Everyone will be with someone else at all times. We can go further into this later,” Cheeseburger replies. Suddenly the door opens and Doctor Turman walks in.

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