The Adventures of Taco and Cheeseburger Ch.26

The Adventures of Taco Cheeseburger Ch. 26

By Maria Yniguez & Lindsey Michelena

“Doctor Turman, I thought you said Dante would be dead in minutes…is there hope?!” asks Alison. Doctor Turman says, “I didn’t think so…but this might mean we have more time to figure something out. If only I could get ahold of another doctor here. Her name is Irene and she might know more than I do on damage to the head. She specializes in physical brain damage. I couldn’t get a hold of her before because there was no time at all but now….if one of you can go get her, that’d be great. I need to stay here to monitor Dante.” Alison volunteers, so Doctor Turman quickly writes down Irene’s address and Alison runs out the door. “If you would all be kind enough to go in the waiting room again. As soon as Irene gets here I’ll come in and give you any updates,” says Doctor Turman, and once again they all leave. “We have to stop Hemingway. He’s the reason for all of this! Because of him, Dante might….p-poor Dante…” Ramses says. “We will stop him, Ramses. We will. And Dante will be fine. Irene could help him,” replies Cheeseburger. Taco says, “Don’t, Cheeseburger, you’re just getting her hopes up. We all know that this still isn’t looking good.” “But you always say to think positive!” cries Cheeseburger. “But this is different…never mind,” replies Taco. Alison comes back. “Dr. Irene says that she may be able to help him, but to not get our hopes up. But she’s gonna try the best she can.” Laurence looks out of the window. He gasps. “It’s Hemingway! We’ve gotta get him!” Garroth looks at Alison, Ramses, Cheeseburger, and Taco and says, “Sorry, guys, you understand, right? We should go-well, Laurence and I. Dante won’t take offense, right? We’ll get Hemingway for Dante. It’ll be like-like revenge. We’ll return as soon as possible.” Alison smiles and says, “No, no, it’s okay! You aren’t offending any of us, including Dante! Go get Hemingway-do it for Dante! Good luck!” Laurence and Dante leave. Irene and Dr. Turman enter. Irene says, “We’ve just performed the most complex operation there is. Just know, whatever happens next, we’ve done all we can, and if THIS doesn’t work, nothing could’ve. If he dies, he was going to all along. Just know that. But for now, let’s just hope for the best.”

“Let’s surround Hemingway!” suggests Laurence. They surround the bush that contains Hemingway. Together, they grab him. “We’ve got you!” cries Garroth. “What do we do now?” whispers Laurence. “Wait right here. Don’t let Hemingway go,” replies Garroth. He runs into the vet’s office that is right next to the hospital. He runs out holding a cage. “Let’s put him in here. Then we can decide what to do with him.” They cram him into the cage and lock him in. “We’ve got him! Now let’s return to the hospital. We can ask the others what to do with him.” They bring the cage into the waiting room. “What’s that?” asks Ramses. “Hemingway!” cry Laurence and Garroth. “You caught him?” asks Alison. Garroth says. “It was quite easy. He was hiding in the bushes. We just grabbed him then put him in this cage. Now, what should we do with him?” “Transport him out of Bumshy Head!” cry Taco and Cheeseburger together. “Kill him!” cry Ramses and Alison. “Please,” says Alison. “For Dante,” says Ramses. “I’m thinking somewhere in between,” says Laurence. “Like torturing him, then exporting him out of Bumshy Head.” “Maybe,” says Garroth, “At least, somewhere along those lines.” Laurence says, “I guess we’ll keep Hemingway in here, and we’ll guard this cage ourselves. But right now, Hemingway isn’t our only worry.”