The Adventures of Taco and Cheeseburger Ch.27

The Adventures of Taco and Cheeseburger Ch. 27

By Maria Yniguez & Lindsey Michelena

“We should put a sheet over this cage or something. Hemingway keeps glaring at me and it’s creepy”, jokes Laurence. “I don’t think now is the time for joking around”, says Ramses. “What, I’m not even joking! He’s been staring at me or Garroth for the past 20 minutes!” replies Laurence. Everyone except Ramses and Hemingway laugh. Continuing the joke, Garroth goes and gets a sheet and throws it over the cage, causing Heming to hiss. Even Ramses manages a small smile. Dr. Turman returns and says, “So I have some- wait what is that cage doing here?” Ramses jumps up and replies, “It’s nothing we’ll explain later! What’s the news?!” Dr. Turman says, “So Dante is alive and has a very  good chance of being just fine-”, everyone cheers, “but he might not wake up for a few days. Considering how much damage that wound did this is the best we could hope for. Even so he could wake up in a few hours. If anyone would like to visit him I would not recommend huge groups, maybe only one or two of you at a time”. “Thank you so much for helping him Doctor Turman! Tell Doctor Irene we give our thanks to her as well!” Alison says. “I’m just glad Dante will most likely be fine. Anyway, what is that cage because I’ve heard it meow several times…” Doctor Turman replies. Everyone laughs and Taco explains everything. Doctor Turman says, “So that’s the cat who caused all of this for Dante! You should all go and decide what to do with him. Dante will be just fine”. They all thank him again. As they are walking out Ramses suddenly says, “I’m sorry I know we have to discuss Hemingway but I am going to stay here and make sure Dante is okay”. “It’s alright Ramses we understand. We’ll make sure you, and Dante, have a say in what’s going to happen to Hemingway before we make our final decision” Cheeseburger says. Ramses nods and runs back into the hospital. When they get back to the palace they are greeted by one of their close friends. “Hi guys! I just wanted to stop by and see if Dante was okay! Is he?” says Soupy. “Hey Soupy! Oh yeah he’s going to be fine! Wanna help us decide what to do with Hemingway? We need all the help we can get!” replies Cheeseburger. Soupy instantly says, “Sure! I’d love to help”.