8th Grade Farewell

Hey Falcons! My name is Caitlin Kennedy and I am an eighth grader who writes for the Falcons Flyer every week. My friend Lily and I usually write the Restaurant Review articles you read! However, we venture out into other categories as well. Unfortunately, this will be my last article for the Falcons Flyer. Therefore, I wanted to tell you about my great experience writing for the Falcons Flyer and my overall experience attending St.Philip’s. Writing for the Falcons Flyer has been such a great opportunity because it is a really good addition to add in your high school applications! Also, it is pretty fun because you get to write articles with a partner if you want! For example, my friend Lily and I write under the Restaurant Review category a lot, so we get to go out to eat together, which is always fun. Now, I am going to tell you about my experience here at St.Philip’s. Now that graduation is just around the corner, I am appreciating my friends and teachers even more than I did before. Everyone here is so supportive and wants you to succeed. Yes, sometimes it gets tough. However, you can always learn from your mistakes. I have gained many skills throughout my journey that I am going to take with me to high school. Thanks for everything!

  • Caitlin Kennedy 🙂