A Thanks to St.Philip’s

My first communion at St.Philips.

My first communion at St.Philips.

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Dear St.Philip,
I have been here for 9 years starting in Kindergarten with most of my graduating class. I have met some of my best friends and some people whom have motivated me to strive for greater goals. I am sad to leave but excited because St.Philip’s has prepared me so well for my future. St.Philips has taught me to be understanding and fair. I remember when I was in kindergarten walking from the old school (the ministry building) to the new school. We were in an empty room and we looked out the window of the new room and it was so exciting. I look back on that day and remember that was the day when I knew I belonged at St.Philips. I would like to thank St.Philip for being me family for 9 years. I will use all the skills I learned at St.Philips to excel at Immaculate Heart and beyond.
Molly Atkinson

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