Flying out of St. Philip as a Proud Falcon!

Flying out of St. Philip as a Proud Falcon!

Dear Falcons Flyer fans

The year has passed by quickly, and the time has come to post our final issue.  I have had so much fun writing articles for different categories. I have also learned about new topics including world events, St. Philip traditions, crafts, and more.

I look forward to beginning my high school years and may join the newspaper staff at FSHA.  I encourage incoming 7th and 8th graders to consider joining Falcons Flyer next year. It is exciting to come up with your own idea, write the article, and see your work on a website that the St. Philip community and beyond can read. You can even work with a partner and brainstorm at meetings about ideas.

My experience contributing to Falcons Flyer has resulted in improved writing skills,  learning to work as a team member, and most importantly, making new friends in the process.

Thank you for a great year, St. Philip. You can achieve your goals when you Fly like a Falcon!


Falcons Flyer Contributor, Emily Wallace


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