Goodbye Falcon’s Flyer

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First of all I want to say what a great experience that I have had with the Falcon’s Flyer and the school. I enjoyed writing all sorts of different articles and becoming more involved in my school. I will miss St. Philip the Apostle and the Falcon’s Flyer in high school. Next, I just want to give some tips for any new writers for the newspaper:

  1. DO NOT wait until the last minute to write your articles and get them approved.
  2. Always post your articles on the website before 3:00 on Friday. Many times I have written articles and gotten them approved, but they didn’t go live because I didn’t post them on the website in time.
  3. Add pictures to make the articles interesting.

These are just a few of the most important thing to remember in the school newspaper. I wanted to thank the rest of the staff, Ms. Natalie and Mrs. O’Toole for such a great year and opportunity. Goodbye!

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