Bad Girls Don’t Die

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Bad Girls Don’t Die, by Katie Alender, is a horror novel that takes you into the life of Alexis Warren. Alexis is a teenager at Surrey High who has a normal life, until his sister, Kasey, starts acting weird. Alexis starts noticing that Kasey has been acting stranger and stranger since

her friend broke her arm at the Warren’s house. Kasey starts talking to her dolls, asking Alexis to tell her stories, and saying things that she wouldn’t usually say. Eventually, a girl named Megan notices Kasey’s weird behavior and informs Alexis that Kasey has been possessed. Now Megan and Alexis need to stop Kasey from letting the ghost take full control of her forever. The only thing that Megan and Alexis know is that this whole thing must have something to do with Kasey’s doll. Can Megan and Alexis save Kasey before it’s too late, or will Kasey let the ghost take control and she’ll be gone forever? Find out the rest of the story by reading Bad Girls Don’t Die by Katie Alender.