8th Grade Sweatshirt Design

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8th Grade Sweatshirt Design

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As you may know, every year the 8th grade class of St. Philip’s gets a class sweatshirt! Each year the sweatshirt designs are different. Classmates design a sweater on a piece of paper, and the class votes on which design they would like on their sweatshirt. Then a color is chosen, and the sweatshirts are made and distributed to the 8th grade class and worn at school. This year, the sweatshirt design is a roller coaster and the color is steel grey. The sweatshirt was designed by Corinne Gray. We interviewed her about her design.

Question: Have you always wanted to design your 8th grade sweatshirt?

Answer: Yes-I have wanted to design it since my cousin designed her class’s 8th grade sweatshirt.

Question: What inspired you to create this sweatshirt design?

Answer: Our class is an emotional rollercoaster.

Question: How did you feel when you found out that yours won?

Answer: I felt excited, and I couldn’t wait to vote for the color.

The 8th grade class of 2017 is very excited to get our sweatshirts! You may have noticed that a wall in Junior High by the 8th grade classrooms are filled with the sweatshirt designs from every other past class, and soon the class of 2017’s very own sweatshirt design will be up there! Soon the 8th grade class will get their sweatshirts, so be sure to check them out when they come!