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Eclipse, by Stephenie Meyer, is the third book from the Twilight Saga. Edward has just returned, and Bella is ready to start her relationship with him again. However, to do this, she feels like she must leave Jacob, who has supported her and been with her all through Edward’s departure, because vampires and werewolves don’t get along. Mysterious killings keep appearing in the news, and the Cullens assume it is newborn vampires, people who have recently been changed into vampires, and are out of control. They assume that the vampire responsible for this is Victoria, another vampire whose mate was killed by Jacob and his wolf friends. Victoria is mad and wants revenge, so the Cullens fear for Bella and protect her. At the same time, graduation is rapidly approaching for Bella, Edward, and his sister Alice. The vampire attacks only add to the stress Bella is feeling from growing older than Edward by the day but he still won’t let her agree to become a vampire. The vampires also refuse to let her visit Jacob, so now Bella has to choose who to cut out of her life rather than who to date. To find out what happens, read Eclipse, available in the Learning Commons.