Cloud Capers

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Cloud Capers by Sue Bentley is about a magic puppy named Storm and his adventures as he helps a girl named Jessica. This is the 3rd book in the Magic Puppy Series by Sue Bentley. The Magic Puppy Series revolves around a silver-grey wolf and his adventures with different girls in the human world to try to evade his nemesis. Storm is a magical young wolf who lives in a magical world. He is trying to escape the evil wolf, Shadow, who wants to try to hurt him. To escape Shadow, Storm goes to the human world and finds a girl named Jessica. Jessica is currently with her parents at a hot air balloon festival, but isn’t really having any fun because she would rather be at a sleepover with her friend. She tries making friends with another girl at the hot air balloon festival, but the girl does not want to be friends with Jessica. But when Jessica find Storm disguised as a Jack Russell Terrier puppy, Jessica finds a new magical friend. Together, they go on many adventures around the hot air balloon festival, hide Storm from Shadow, and try to become friends with the other girl at the festival. Will Jessica succeed in making friends with the girl at the festival and be able to help Storm? Will Storm be able to return to his homeland to defeat Shadow? To find out, read Cloud Capers by Sue Bentley which is available in the Learning Commons.