8th Grade Thoughts on Last Fall Festival


As an eighth grader this is going to be my last year as a student at a fall festival. I have been going to fall festivals since kindergarten, so this is going to be sad for me and for some of my other fellow students. I decided to ask a few of my other classmates what their thoughts were on their last fall festival as a student.

FF: What are your thoughts on your last fall festival?

Luna Ruiz: I am super sad but also excited for the next year to come.

Liliana Frias: I am excited that they are changing it up a bit because it has been pretty much same in the past years but also a little sad.

Jake Karadizian: It will be sad but I’m still going to go even when I’m not at St. Philip anymore.

Ashlynn Hurley: I’m super sad and kinda depressed that I will not be a student at St Philip next year.

All of my classmates are really sad but they also seem excited to start this new chapter in their life, which is going into high school. It may be our last year as students going to the fall festival but not our last year gong to the fall festival and I know most of us will definitely still go to the fall festivals whether we are going to st. Philip or not.