Sasha Kalpakoff 8th Grade Goodbye

I can’t believe it is finally the time I am going to be saying goodbye to Falcons Flyer and St. Philip for good. Falcons Flyer for me has been one of the best experiences for me at St. Philip. Being picked to be a writer in the school newspaper was a very exciting thing for me. I have always enjoyed writing and this just gave me a chance to really express my writing skills.  Some people may think being in Falcons Flyer is extra work or nerdy but in my opinion I have really enjoyed my time being in it, even though you have to wake up a little early on Tuesday mornings. I still have really enjoyed my time discussing about articles and current topics in the world and even enjoying special treats once in a while. I think it’s very important to be involved in the school and I feel that Falcons Flyer really kept me  involved. I think that if you get the opportunity to be in Falcons Flyer you should definitely take that opportunity because I know I’m definitely going to miss being a part of the school newspaper. I have learned so much about me as far as writing and learning that I definitely want to pursue writing in high school. Not only has Falcons Flyer taught me a lot about myself but everyone here at St Philip has made me the person I am today. All the teachers along the way whom I all love have taught me the necessary things I have needed to grow as a person. I have also made friendships that will last a lifetime. I will always remember this school and cherish all the memories I have made while attending St. Philip.