DIY Desk Organizers

With school just starting, it’s probably a good idea to organize your desk and get ready for the school year. Here are some do-it-yourself desk organizers.

        1.Toilet paper pencil or pen holders

If you’re in a rush to finish your homework, this is a great idea to try. All you’ll need is:  two or three toilet paper rolls, scissors, and some washi or duct tape.

First, get the tape of some sort and wrap the tape around all three of the toilet paper rolls. Feel free add more decorations! Once you finish putting on the tape, just put in some pens, pencils, or highlighters. If you are going to move the toilet paper holders, I would recommend putting duct tape or hot gluing cardboard on the bottom.

       2. Bookshelves out of cardboard

Have some books lying around on your desk? You can keep it organized by making a small book holder. You will need: a black marker, scissors, a cardboard box, and paint if you’d like.

Here’s the link to a tutorial:

       3. Poster Box

Do you ever need more storage space? A poster box could help. All you’ll need is a poster and to know how to build an origami box. If you don’t know how to build a box, you can look it up. Before you start, fold the poster diagonally to make it into a square. Cut the remaining pieces off, and then you’re all set to start folding the poster into a box.

By doing these organizers, your desk will look a lot more organized. You’ll also be able to feel better about your room. Plus, you won’t have to spend five minutes searching for a pen! Feel free to decorate, or switch up instructions for all of these DIY’s; there’s no wrong way to make something!