Student Council Elections

This week some of the 5th, 6th, and 7th graders ran to be on student council.  All of these 5th, 6th, and 7th graders where very brave to go up in front of the 4th through 7th graders and explain in a speech why they should be on student council.  Seventeen students made student council.  I asked Corrine Gray, who tried out for student council this year and was in student council this year, about her experiences in student council from this year, what she was expecting for next year’s student council, and more.  Corrine seemed very excited about the new student council because she feels it is a great group of kids that will make an awesome year!  Corrine and I talked about saying her speech and how she got the idea of her speech.  Corrine says, “Going up on stage and saying your speech is scary but it was less scary the second time I did it”.  Corrine and I talked about her speech this year and the ideas she had while thinking of a speech Corrine said, “I got the idea of my speech by trying to think creatively and out of the box”.  Corrine is super sad that this student council year is coming to an end but she is excited to start new with new people.  All the people who tried out for Student Council did great and even if you didn’t make it keep trying.