8th Grade Father Joe Interviews

During the last two weeks, the eighth graders had their Father Joe interviews. The interviews were done in pairs, with students signing up for the interviews and choosing partners on their own. Students were escorted over to the ministry building by Father Joe and invited into his office. Father Joe started the interview by greeting the students with a friendly smile and hand shake. The interviews are done in order for Father Joe to write letters of recommendation to the high schools that the eighth graders are interested in or applying to. He asked simple questions such as, “What high schools are you applying to?” and “ What is your gift?” He also asked if the eighth graders had any questions for him and offered guidance to those who asked. Father Joe encouraged the students to start having better studying habits in order to be successful students. The interviews were a great way to get to know Father Joe better and let him get to know us as we begin to embark our final year at St. Philip the Apostle School. fatherjoepic