Big Ben is Silenced


The clock sits high in the air, in the tower known as the Elizabeth tower in London England. The clock is known for the time being extremely accurate as well as for ringing twelve times on the twelfth hour. After almost one hundred and sixty years of Big Ben’s existence, the famous clock was silenced. The clock was stopped on August 21, 2017 and is not scheduled to be working until 2021. This time of silence for the bell will be the longest the clock has ever had to face. The wildly know clock was silenced to undergo 4 years of construction to improve the way the clock functions. This will prevent the clock from a longer period of silence further down the road and keep it running for many generations to come. The clock has undergone major construction 4 times for example in 1862 to fix a crack in the bell. In all of these instances the clock has not rung during the period of construction; therefore, this will not be the first period of silence that the clock has faced but it will be the longest.