Race for Governor in California


The 2018 election for governor is underway. The new governor will replace Jerry Brown after eight consecutive years as governor and a total of 16 years has the governor of California.  Now, California is getting closer to a primary election where the field of candidates will decrease from 21 to 2. Unlike Presidential elections, it is not the top Republican and Democrat but it is the top two candidates with the most votes. The 9 Democratic nominees to replace the longtime governor: are Gavin Newsom, Delaine Eastin, J. Bribiesca, Amanda Renteria, Akinyemi Agbede, Micheal Shellenberger, Klement Tinaj, Thomas Jefferson Cares, and Robert Davidson Griffis. The 5 Republican nominees are Robert C. Newman, Peter Y. Liu, Yvonne Girard, Travis Allen, and John H. Cox. There are also 7 other people from nonmajor political parties like Peace and Freedom, Green, and Libertarian. The top three favorites are Democrat Gavin Newsom who currently is the favorite to win with 30 percent backing, second is Republican John Cox who has an 18 percent backing, and finally third is Republican Travis Allen who has a 16 percent backing rate. We will know on Tuesday, June 5th who will be the final two candidates for the November election.


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