Academic Decathlon Recap


Last Saturday, March 5th, 2022, the 7th and 8th grade students participated in the annual Archdiocese Academic Junior High Decathlon competition. This year, we had both a 7th and an 8th grade team since so many students wanted to participate. Both teams studied all year, twice a week preparing for this huge competition. 

Two students on the seventh grade team placed in the  individual subject part of the competition this year. Zachary Bloss placed 3rd in Fine Arts and Francis Bennet placed 2nd in Religion. On the eighth grade team, Claire Sather placed 2ndin Current Events. The eighth grade team also placed 2ndin Logic out of 17 teams. We are so proud of both our teams for working so hard and for their accomplishments.

On both teams, there are ten core members, each of these core members study a specific subject: Literature, English, Religion, Current Events, Social Studies, Science, Fine Arts or Math. You also have the option to be a study buddy, or an alternate. These members help core members study, and also study the material in case somebody gets sick. All members are very important to the team, and everyone has helped the team so much! 

Academic Decathlon consists of five subjects for super quiz, and eight subjects for the individual section. There is also a logic portion which has problems like sudoku, ken ken, and cryptograms. The teams arrived at Damien High School early in the morning, and took the logic quiz first. After a short break,  they took the individual tests, and after lunch it was time for the super quiz. During the super quiz, the teams are given ten questions per subject, and are given thirty seconds to answer. At the end of all these tests, the award ceremony happens.  

We are so excited for our amazing teams and all their accomplishments, and we look forward to next year!