Why Teachers Teach


Why do teachers teach?

Being overworked and underpaid, why do teachers continue to teach?

Being a daughter of a teacher myself, the question does sometimes tend to come up in conversation.

My mother teaches public school, giving her a completely different, yet similar view of the young minds then our very own Dr. Aimee. While both may love their job and have their own reasons for teaching, the question still remains.

My mother comes home and tells me stories about how children don’t have simple things, such as wifi to do their school work. Of course, some children here at St. Philip the Apostle School are facing the same issues.

I decided to interview Dr. Aimee and focus on why she taught.

In Kindergarten, Dr. Aimee had dreams of being a bus driver, not a teacher, when she was all grown up. Later, after graduating from LMU with a Doctorate degree in education, she thought her talents would be best used as a teacher. 

Dr. Aimee first found her passion for teaching in high school, and then continued to do a great deal of volunteer work with children of all ages.

After completing coursework to become an elementary teacher, Dr. Aimee eventually earned her teaching credential. She began as a Kindergarten teacher here at St.Philips, teaching KA.

Today, Dr. Aimee is an administrator, and I asked her why she decided to make the switch.   As a teacher, Dr.Aimee believed that she was only able to reach a limited number of students every year (around 30), but as an administrator she was able to reach students from every grade level.

She likes to now consider herself a “teacher of teachers”, fully realizing how important it is to support those who are influencing the minds of today. Dr. Aimee believes there are many different ways to offer such support, and she strives to do so in ways that are constructive, meaningful, and affirmative.

Dr. Aimee doesn’t teach and work in leadership for money, and those who work in education overwhelmingly share that sentiment. She uses her gifts and talents to spread the message of God and to help others, in particular, her students, teachers, and other administrators. 

Dr. Aimee teaches others to find their own unique gifts, just as she has found hers. Doing so has made her the wonderful teacher and individual she is today.