How the 7th Graders Feel About Going into 8th Grade


It seems like barely a day has passed since 7th grade arrived at St. Philip for kindergarten. 

Maybe that’s why it’s hard to believe that next year, the class of 2023 will be graduating!

The amount of preparation that goes into the eighth grade year is extensive.  Academically,  it will be the most challenging year thus far and include major projects, such as Capstone.  At the same time, the future 8th grade fully understands that all of the hard work will serve as great preparation for  high school.

Of course, there will be plenty of fun and exciting events as well! 

In particular, many of the seventh graders are looking forward to the D.C trip and the custom sweatshirts.

Several current 7th grade students shared their thoughts on making the transition to their final year at St. Philip the Apostle School:


“8th grade is going to be terrifying, but it’ll also be great since we’ll be the oldest in school and the teachers will use us as an example.”

– Maya Ulick-Gallegos


“I am nervous about the big transition, but I’m excited for all the memories that will be made.” 

-Maddie Herrera


I feel confident about going into eighth grade. For the D.C. trip I am hoping I get to stay with people I request to be in my room.”

-Michael Vanis


“I’m excited for the D.C trip, but the rest of 8th grade seems a little scary.”

-Aidan Valenzuala 


“I feel excited to be going to eighth grade. I think it will be a cool opportunity to design a class sweatshirt for us all to wear.”

-Emily Gonzales


“For going into 8th grade, I’m nervous since grades matter so much, but I’m excited to go on the D.C trip since I’ll get to have a trip with my friends.”

-Maddie Bakula


“The D.C trip will be fun, but going into 8th grade will not be fun.”

-Thay Duong


“I am really excited to be the oldest grade in the school, but it’s very scary that high school is so close. I am really excited for the D.C. trip, and seeing what our sweatshirt will look like.”

-Lila Munoz


“I’m nervous to be in eighth grade and seeing how close we are to high school and how much preparation we’re gonna do in eighth grade to get ready for high school. I’m really excited for the D.C trip.”

-Charlotte Petersen


The class of 2023 can’t wait to be in eighth grade, even if it is a scary thought.