Science Fair 2022


St. Philip the Apostle School recently hosted its annual Science Fair.

Students were tasked with the following requirements:  develop a hypothesis, engage in research, conduct an experiment, and create a board.

Sixth and seventh grades participated this year, and students had the option of working individually or in groups of up to three.

On April 29th, students brought their boards and supplies to Holy Angel Hall and presented in front of multiple judges. 

Some examples of the science fair projects included the following: growing tomatoes with different fertilizers, testing different sunscreens, the placebo effect, and testing different bridge structures. 

The winners of the 2022 Science Fair were Henry Ross, Gavin Miller, and Brendan Vanis, who tied with Zachary Bloss and Owen Core for first place. Viviana Leyva and Madison Bakula received second place. Phyllis Knoll, Mita Gittings, and Sophia Huynh received third place.

Students were also required to write a science fair report using their research, and create a presentation.

The judges, all of whom had backgrounds in science, then evaluated the presentations before making their decisions. 

Congratulations to the winners and to everyone who participated!