Academic Decathlon 2022-2023


This year St. Philip the Apostle School has a hardworking Academic Decathlon team.

The team’s goal is simple: to win the Catholic Junior High Decathlon Competition in March.

Our 7th and 8th grade decathletes are very strong-willed, focused, and hard-working. They are determined to win! 

The Academic Decathlon is a major event where schools compete against one another in one huge competition. Students will sign up for subjects they are interested in and then be assigned a subject (or subjects) to study. Students will be working against other students studying the same material. There are a total of 20 core member spots, which means there will be 2 students per subject who end up participating in the actual competition in March.

This year, our school has two teams, and those who want to be a core member must study extra hard to make the slot. 

The first portion of the tournament is the Logic Quiz. Each team works together to answer the numerous logic questions on the test. During this time, cooperation is a major factor in the success of the team.

The second portion is the Individual Subject Tests, where eight decathletes take a fifty question test for the subject they are studying. The eight topics are: English, Social Studies, Current Events, Religion, Math, Science, Literature, and Fine Arts.

The final part of the competition is the super quiz. The ten core members for each team take part in this portion. Two students are competing for each of the 5 subjects. The 5 subjects for the super quiz are: Literature, Social Studies, Religion, Science, and Fine Arts. This portion is a team event, where ten questions for each subject are answered consecutively. The combined score of all these subjects determines the outcome of the super quiz.

The Academic Decathlon is an all-day tournament, and it requires stamina and mental toughness, along with wisdom and knowledge.

Our 2022-2023 Decathlon team is diligent in their studies and will work hard to proudly represent our school in the competition.

Your support and encouragement play a large role in our quest for success!

We hope the future 7th and 8th graders consider being on the team next year!