Stepping up from 5th Grade to 6th Grade


The transition between 5th and 6th grade is tremendous, and can sometimes be a little intimidating.

Needless to say, many students have different opinions on the transition.

Recently, a number of fifth graders responded to how they felt about the “step up” to junior high.

Respondents were given five options: great, confident, nervous, doubtful, or bad.

Over 40 students contributed their opinions.

Nicolas Montes said, “I am confident, but a little nervous about going to junior high because there is not as much help in 6th grade as there is in 5th grade.”

Hayden Kane added, “I am confident going into 6th grade but I am unsure about how big the transition will be.”

Many of the fifth graders shared similar thoughts, noting they do understand expectations will increase as they move into the junior high grades.

The majority of students responded that they were “nervous,” but many also felt “confident” as well. 

Overall, 45 students were interviewed.  24 said they felt “nervous” and 20 felt “confident”.

There was also one student who felt scared.

Noah Vranes said, “I feel nervous because my brother is making me scared.”

Finally, Nixon Saponara shared, “I think that stuff will be harder and there is a lot of moving.”

The bottom line is that there is no shortage of opinions on the transition between 5th and 6th grade among the current fifth grade students.

A special “thanks” needs to be extended to everyone who offered their thoughts.

Nerves and fears regarding anything new are to be expected, but they do eventually fade away.

After a few weeks, 6th grade will feel as normal as 5th grade does today.