BTS Attending the 2017 BillBoard Music Awards

BTS, a South Korean boy group, has recently won the 2017 award of being the best International Social Artist! For this achievement, they will be featured at and attend the 2017 Billboard Music Awards on May 21st, in Las Vegas, Nevada. To be invited to an all-American event and transcend the barrier of both language and culture is a tremendous feat for Asians, during Asian Pacific American Heritage Month.

As The Idolator proclaims, BTS is taking “another step towards global domination.” BTS, also known as being the Bulletproof Boys, debuted in South Korea four years ago, and have released more than ten full albums. The team of seven boys, from ages 19 to 24, have four rappers and three singers. The theme of their songs revolve around the importance of fleeting youth, and of the delusion of society. In one of their latest albums, named Wings, each member has a solo song about their personal journey and struggle to fame. Wings encourages all fans to spread their wings while they can, and to never stop working hard for their dreams. BTS held their Wings tour all across the United States, in Indonesia, the Phillipines, Chile, Brazil, Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, Thailand, and South Korea in 2016 and early 2017, selling out their tickets within a matter of minutes.

In fact, BTS has spent a “whopping 23 weeks at number 1 on BIllboard’s Social top chart – more than superstars like Miley Cyrus and Rihanna.” They’ve also broke it at the top 10 of the iTunes chart with their song Spring Day, part of their second studio album You Never Walk Alone.

Breaking records, and building dreams, BTS truly encapsulates the essence of Asian excellence and impressive representation in our modern world. Let’s continue to celebrate May of 2017, proving to be one of the best Asian Pacific American Heritage Months ever.

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